Secret Beauty (by Lovena Aubeeluck-Patpur) was founded on the ideals of empowerment and inspiration. Today, I still believe and operate my business based on those ideals. Every person should feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. As a Cosmetologist, taking care of my client's skin is one of my top priorities. I personally believe in the products and services that I offer to customers.I am passionate about transforming lives through the art of makeup. I have been a professional makeup artist since more than 10 years, and love the work I get to do each and every day.


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Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many wonderful clients. Being a MQA Approved Make up Artist, I cater to all my clients needs, whether they are looking for a new everyday look or something fit for a special occasion. Get in touch to find out about my work, and how I can have you looking and feeling radiant in a matter of minutes. 


Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

The Hollywood Secret

The Intraceuticals treatment is so unique and remarkable! This luxurious facial is really hard to duplicate! Whatever your reason for wanting this facial procedure, know that you are going to have a more youthful appearance and will say goodbye to that “tired look”. I always see celebrities on TV and Victoria Secret models having this done and I’m so proud to now have this technology here at Secret Beauty! Yes, Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is now available in Mauritius! I have worked very closely with Intraceuticals line of products for years and I can honestly say that it is a real skin saver and I truly feel passionate about this service! I’ve seen the major improvement it has done for my clients. I have used the product myself and I have always been 'WOWed' by the instant results! So I hope you all will contact me and try it so you can love it too! I offer a range of Intraceuticals facial with all the recommended products that you will love!

Make-up for all occasions

The Look for You

Looking for something bold and beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and in minutes it’ll come to life. My job is to make you look brilliant for those everyday moments that turn into forever memories.
You want to look perfect for your soon to be husband. You want to look flawless as you glide down that aisle. But do you ever consider how will you accomplish this look? Secret Beauty provides bridal make up package at very competitive prices! We will come to the location of your wedding and make sure you look your most beautiful version on your special day!

Should you have any queries, I will be more than pleased to help you. After all, the most important person on your big day is your make up artist!


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